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Since mid of June 1997 there is a mailing-list1 in the internet, which deals mainly with genealogy in Pomerania (Pommern), an area which was German until 1945 and was then divided between Germany and Poland.
In this mailing-list it can and should be talked and discussed about the genealogy in Pomerania and all related topics. There can be put questions, for instance which sources are available for a town or county or whether somebody else is researching in the same town and/or for the same name.
There are no limits as to the topics as long as they deal with Pomerania.


In December 2001 the number of the members of Pommern-L was over 870. Under these members there were a lot Americans, Germans, numerous Brasilians, Australians, Polishmen etc.
Everybody who has an own e-mail address can join this mailing-list with a simple e-mail message (see below). The memberships costs nothing since the costs are covered/sponsered by Genealogy.Net.


To subscribe to the mailing-list Pommern-L you need to send an e-mail to pommern-l-request@genealogy.net, with the subject line: subscribe

If this was sent out successfully you will get an e-mail message which asks you to confirm your subscription with a number to send back to genealogy.net. After all that is done successfully you will get a welcome message with your own password for Pommern-L. This is the confirmation of your subsription and this message contains a lot other important information (e.g. how to unsubscribe) and therefore you should save this message!
A certain time later you will receive the first messages of Pommern-L.

If you want to get Pommern-L in digest mode you have to log in the members area of Pommern-L and change the setting to digest mode.

taking part

You can only write to Pommern-L if you are subscribed successfully and then you can also only write from those accounts where you are subscribed4. So, be carefull if you handle more than one account.
To send a message5 to Pommern-L you simply need to write an e-mail and send it out to Pommern-L@genealogy.net

The former messages to Pommern-L are also archived and you can access these archived messages. It is not very comfortable yet but better than nothing. A description how to access these archives is contained in the welcome message.

Further questions?

Normally all questions should be answered if you have read the welcome message carefully. If you have questions though do not hesitate to contact the listowner of the mailing-list Pommern-L (also for the digest) by sending an e-mail to Owner-Pommern-L@genealogy.net.

Still one hint if you are not only researching in Pommern: There is a quite complete list of all mailing-lists for "German areas" available at: http://members.aol.com/gfsjohnf/gen_mail_country-ger.html.


  1. A mailing-list is simply one e-mail address which forwards each message which is sent there to all people who are subscribed to that mailing-list. Everbody who is subscribed to Pommern-L can write to Pommern-L and everybody who gets and reads this can answer him. It is like a virtuell black wall.
  2. The digest is one e-mail which contains a lot other messages. Each message which is sent to Pommern-L is stored and if these stored messages reach 20 KByte all these stored messages are sent out to the subscribers of the Pommern-L-Digest.
  3. The mailing-list is configured "secure" which means only members can write there. This is to avoid all the unsolicited e-mails (adverts etc.) in Pommern-L and it works very well.
  4. The e-mail messages to the mailing-list (and digest) must be shorter than 20,000 characters.

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